Poor Credit Score Mortgage Solutions: Are Millennials at Risk

Nov 162017

Millennials are responsible with consumer debt, but are they too responsible? Research indicates that not accumulating debt could hinder, rather than help, millennials' financial future -- especially when it comes time to buy a house. Here's why more millennials are having to turn to poor credit score mortgage solutions  to purchase a home. 

Why Use a Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

Nov 012017

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker
Fear of being denied financing leads many people with less-than-stellar credit to simply avoid applying for a mortgage altogether. But while your borrowing history is an important factor in getting approved for a mortgage, it is possible to secure a home loan with poor credit. Here are a few reasons to consider working with a bad credit mortgage broker in your mortgage search. 

What to Ask Your Mortgage Broker About Refinancing with Bad Credit

Oct 172017

refinancing a mortgage with bad credit
Refinancing a mortgage allows homeowners to lower their monthly payments while taking advantage of lower interest rates. But for those with poor credit, getting approved for refinancing can be a challenge. Here are three questions to ask your mortgage broker about refinancing a mortgage with bad credit. 

How Bridge Financing Can Help You

Oct 022017

Bridge Financing Edmonton
If you need the funds from your current home sale to purchase a new one, your lender may have suggested a bridge loan as a short-term financial solution. But what exactly is a bridge loan, and how does it help homebuyers? Here's what you need to know about bridge financing. 

Found Your Dream home but Your Existing Home is still on the Market? Bridge Financing May be the Answer

Sep 012017

Bridge Financing Edmonton
Shopping for a home in the competitive Edmonton market is not an easy task. When you finally find a good house, in a nice neighborhood and at the right price, it is expected that you will act fast to secure the property even before selling your current house. This snap decision lands you in a situation where you are short of finance to put down as a deposit for the new property which then necessitates the use of bridge financing. 

How Debt Consolidation Can Get You Out of Debt Faster

Aug 012017

Debt Consolidation
If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to having many high-interest debt repayments, having the right solution can save you a lot of time, money and greatly reduce stress. One such solution is debt consolidation

Home Renovation Loans: Does the Added Value Outweigh the Costs and Other Considerations

Jul 042017

Home Renovation Loans Edmonton Did you know that you can get a renovation loan as part of your first mortgage on an Edmonton home? Well, you can receive home renovation loans both during and after acquiring your home. While taking out a loan is not an ideal scenario, ugly bathrooms, outdated kitchens and fading paint may make it necessary in order to make the house comfortable and hopefully more valuable. However, is it worth the associated costs? 

Getting a Bad Credit Home Equity Loan in Edmonton

Jun 132017

Getting a Bad Credit Home Equity Loan in Edmonton Having bad credit can leave you feeling helpless particularly if you have unsuccessfully tried to apply for a loan. It is worse if you recently changed your employer or previously struggled to meet your financial obligations. However, bad credit home equity loans offer you leeway obtain financing. 

Buying a Home Before Yours Sells: Is Bridge Financing is a Good Idea?

May 082017

Buying a Home Before Yours Sells: Is Bridge Financing is a Good Idea?When transitioning from one home to another, the closing of the two sales do not always coincide. Oftentimes, the closing date of the sale of your old home occurs after that of the home you are purchasing. This can leave you without the money to make a down payment on the new home since it remains tied up in equity. Many turn to bridge financing to overcome this issue; bridge financing temporarily funds the purchase of the new home until closing the sale of the old one. Bridge financing can be a very useful tool for ensuring your transition, but it can also be expensive and risky if not undertaken with care.  

Dream of Owning a Home But Have Bad Credit? A Mortgage Broker Can Help

Apr 122017

Dream of Owning a Home But Have Bad Credit? A Mortgage Broker Can HelpIf you are one of the many Canadians with bad credit, owning a home may seem like an unattainable goal. However, at BMC Mortgage and Investments we do not think bad credit should be an obstacle to purchasing the house of your dreams. There are many things that our bad credit mortgage brokers, can do to secure you a mortgage for a new home in Edmonton. 

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