Posted: 11 Apr '17

Dream of Owning a Home But Have Bad Credit? A Mortgage Broker Can Help

Dream of Owning a Home But Have Bad Credit? A Mortgage Broker Can HelpIf you are one of the many Canadians with bad credit, owning a home may seem like an unattainable goal. However, at BMC Mortgage and Investments we do not think bad credit should be an obstacle to purchasing the house of your dreams. There are many things that our bad credit mortgage brokers, can do to secure you a mortgage for a new home in Edmonton.

What Can Mortgage Brokers Do for You?

The mortgage brokers at BMC Mortgage and Investments understand that every financial situation is unique. By taking an individual approach to every client, your financial needs will be understood and met. As a private equity lender, BMC has access to many mortgage solutions outside of traditional banks and lenders. Because we have access to many lenders, we can negotiate different rates and conditions, make sure you get the best terms possible, and shop around to find the best deal for you. This is a huge benefit as it involves much less work for you and you need only apply for credit once. This will not lower your credit score in the same way that creating multiple credit applications would. The bad credit mortgage brokers at BMC will get creative to make sure you qualify for a home loan, regardless of your current credit score.

Brokers That Fit You and Your Situation

Our bad credit mortgage brokers at BMC understand all the hidden costs associated with a mortgage, so you will be sure to receive an honest, full picture of what your mortgage would entail, with no surprises. The bad credit mortgage brokers will not add to your already stressful situation; service agreements are transparent and easily understandable. We will provide you with expert advice on how to improve your credit score and create realistic payment plans, putting money back in your wallet and making it easier to apply for lower interest loans in the future.

As family owned business built on integrity, our team at BMC Mortgage & Investments want to help you, and have the tools and expertise to do so. If you have been left behind because of bad credit, let our bad credit mortgage brokers in Edmonton help you. Contact us today to take the first step towards owning a home.