Posted: 1 Apr '21

Is Mortgage Refinancing the Solution to My Financial Problem?

Is Mortgage Refinancing the Solution to My Financial Problem?

Mortgage refinancing is a great way to remodel, pay down debts, or simply save on the interest rate you are paying now. Refinancing for any of these reasons can save you money in the long run, no matter how you decide to use the money. To find out if this is a move that will benefit your particular situation, call BMC Mortgage and Investments today


Let's say you have a big remodeling project that you have wanted to take care of for a long time. You have finally got to the point where you have enough equity in your home to borrow the money, complete the project, and increase the sale value of your home. Mortgage refinancing or a home equity line of credit is great low-interest ways to obtain the funds needed for your project.  

Paying Down Debt 

Mortgage refinancing serves as a low-cost way to pay down accumulated revolving and other types of debt. In this case, sit down and do the math.  

  • What are the interest rates on your current debt?  
  • What will closing costs and penalties add up to for refinancing? 
  • How does this compare to the interest rate and long-term payoff on your new loan? 

Many people, especially those with credit card debt, find that refinancing their mortgage to pay off their debts will save them a lot in the long run. 

Getting a Lower Interest Rate 

Interest rates seem to be going lower and lower. If you think you can save money with a mortgage refinancing loan, talk to your lender to find out what rates can be offered to you. You will also want to discuss the costs associate with refinancing to make your final decision. 

Should I Get a Mortgage Refinancing Loan? 

Your decision for refinancing should be carefully weighed, and keep the following questions in mind when considering the options: 

  • What do I need the money for? 
  • What interest rates can I get now? 
  • How much is refinancing going to cost? 
  • How much money will I save in the long run? 

Mortgage refinancing can be a low-cost way to obtain the funds you need now. You can also use it to change your interest rate structure. Give BMC Mortgage and Investments a call today with these questions in mind to find out more about saving money through mortgage refinancing.