Posted: 28 Feb '18

The Benefits of Working with a Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

If you have less-than-stellar credit or owe a large amount of debt, you may wonder what the point of hiring a mortgage broker is. After all, isn't that just another expense? The truth is, there are many great reasons to consider hiring a bad credit mortgage broker to assist you in applying for financing. Here are three of them.

Real Solutions

A bad credit mortgage broker can help you find the right solution to your credit and mortgage problems based on factors other than your income or credit score. Unlike banks and other prime lending institutions, a mortgage broker understands that the time when borrowers need loans the most is when they have poor credit or significant debt. Whether you're facing foreclosure, need money to pay a tax debt, or have major home renovations to complete, working with a bad credit mortgage broker is the best way to speed the application process and obtain an approval.


When working with a bad credit mortgage broker, you can be confident that the advice you're being given is honest, straightforward, and transparent. Integrity is at the forefront of a broker's business, and their goal is to provide you with advice you can trust.


A bad credit mortgage broker has experience within and knowledge of the mortgage industry that is unparalleled. And because brokers maintain professional relationships with alternative and private lenders, they have access to loan products and interest rates that aren't available to the general public. This way, a bad credit mortgage broker is able to help families with less-than-perfect-credit find solutions for getting back on track financially.

The above are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy by working with a mortgage broker. Contact us at our Edmonton office to schedule a free consultation and discuss how a bad credit mortgage broker can help you obtain the mortgage financing you need.