Equity-Based Loans Home Renovation Loans

Whether you want to increase the value of your home or you need significant improvements to live more comfortably, you might think that your bad credit will prevent you from qualifying for a loan. BMC Mortgage & Investments can help you get the financing you need to fix up your home in Edmonton and surrounding areas of Alberta even if your credit rating is less than stellar. When the major lending institutes say no, a home renovation loan with BMC Mortgage & Investments may be the perfect solution.

Secure your Loan with the Value of your Home or Property

When you come to BMC Mortgage & Investments to secure a home renovation loan, we will have you fill out a simple application form so we can better understand your unique situation. Then, using an appraisal, a current tax assessment and/or a Realtor evaluation, we will determine a fair value for your property. The value of your property and any outstanding mortgages or liens are taken into consideration and we will work to find you the best solution for your situation.

You are in Control

With a bad credit home renovation loan, you can free up cash to start and finish any renovation or upgrade you can think of:

  • Build that new deck for summertime enjoyment
  • Finish the basement to increase your living space
  • Fix that leaky roof before greater damage occurs
  • Build your dream kitchen

Just because you have had trouble maintaining a good credit rating does not mean you can't take advantage of the equity in your home to make it the dream house you imagined when you bought it.

Once we evaluate your home and determine the amount you can borrow, we will provide you with solutions offered by our many investors. With different lending criteria and terms, we can often present several offers so you are in control and can determine the best fit your project.

Don't let bad credit stop you from investing in your Edmonton or surrounding Alberta area home and creating your ideal space. A home renovation loan with BMC Mortgage & Investments might be just a simple application away. 


Unlock available equity in your home!

We will consider any home equity loan regardless of age, credit, or income.

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Bad Credit Home Renovation Loans

Why Would You Need a Bad Credit Home Renovation Loans?

  • You want to build a deck
  • To fix the leaking roof of your home
  • You want to finish your basement
  • Your home is in need of updates
  • It’s time your dream kitchen got built
  • Make general repairs to your home



As a homeowner, your home equity is one of the critical assets that can provide a reliable funding source. Depending on the equity you have built, you can easily take on a lump sum loan or a home equity line of credit to finance necessary expenses, such as debt consolidation, unexpected emergencies, home improvements, and education costs.

Over the years, second mortgages have become increasingly popular among homeowners, thanks to their low-interest rates and the option to use them for virtually any reason. Provided you have built enough equity in your property and meet the other eligibility requirements, you are almost sure that most lenders are willing to give you a loan.