Equity-Based Loans Mortgage Refinancing

When you're in the market to replace your existing mortgage with a new one, especially when facing challenges with your credit score, conventional banks and financial institutions might hesitate to support you. BMC Mortgage & Investments excels in providing mortgage refinancing for bad credit in Edmonton and surrounding areas of Alberta, with a strong track record spanning over forty years.

Mortgage Refinancing for Bad Credit

If you're struggling with poor credit, refinancing your mortgage can be driven by several factors, including:

  • Searching for a lower interest rate
  • Upcoming mortgage renewal
  • Approaching foreclosure
  • Rejection of mortgage renewal by your lender

Regardless of your reasons, the financial specialists at BMC Mortgage & Investments are ready to offer a free consultation, showing you all the mortgage equity requirements and options. We're committed to finding a mortgage loan solution that perfectly fits your financial needs.

Benefits to Mortgage Refinancing

Life’s unpredictable nature—such as changes in employment, health issues, or unforeseen expenses—can impact your financial health. While many lenders might not consider these factors, we at BMC Mortgage & Investments do. We aim to provide real solutions that address, rather than complicate, your financial issues.

Refinancing your mortgage, even with bad credit and using the equity in your property, can provide significant advantages:

  • Quick actions to prevent foreclosure or stop mortgage non-renewal, often just weeks away from potential legal issues
  • The best possible mortgage loan rates for your specific situation, usually with several alternatives available
  • Additional financing could be accessible to decrease your overall debt through mortgage loan debt consolidation or to enhance your home

If you need mortgage for debt consolidation or any refinancing services, look to the trusted experts at BMC Mortgage & Investments. Utilize our vast experience serving clients in Edmonton and across Alberta to manage your refinancing needs efficiently.


Unlock available equity in your home!

We will consider any home equity loan regardless of age, credit, or income.

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Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans

Why Would You Need Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing?

  • You want a lower interest rate
  • You are in a foreclosure situation
  • It is time to renew your mortgage
  • Pay off other large debts
  • Consolidate your debts
  • Change from adjustable to fixed rate 



As a homeowner, your home equity is one of the critical assets that can provide a reliable funding source. Depending on the equity you have built, you can easily take on a lump sum loan or a home equity line of credit to finance necessary expenses, such as debt consolidation, unexpected emergencies, home improvements, and education costs.